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Pitangui Lee Na Young Center
PITANGUI LEE NA YOUNG Aesthetic & Academy
Our Directors
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Pitangui Lee Na Young Beauty Center

One-Stop Total Beauty Service

Pitangui Lee Na Young Beauty Center has the best aesthetic facility
and professional beauty academy system at the same time.

Total beauty services for all areas of beauty are available in one place,
from total care and aesthetic programs to semi-permanent makeup with the latest trends

Pitangui Lee Na Young Beauty Center

Core Values

Pitangui Lee Young Beauty Center is constantly researching and developing with our faithfulness to the basic,
in order to provide the service and education that our customers want.
With these efforts, Pitangui Lee Na Young will move beyond Korea to the beauty center in the world.

Pitangui Lee Na Young Beauty Center

Five Specialties

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    Premium Aesthetic Service

    At Pitangui Lee Na Young Aesthetic,
    You can experience the high-quality beauty treatments
    of professional therapist who have over 10 years of experience,

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    The Best Treatment Result

    At Pitangui Lee Na Young Beauty Center,
    We have a 1:1 dedicated system for each customers, from counseling to treatment with our directors.
    In addition, only the pigment and the machine that have been verified for safety and effectiveness are used, and the result of the treatment with high satisfaction can be met.

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    Systematic Academy System

    At Pitangui Lee Na Young Academy,
    We cultivate the best specialist training in Korea with a comprehensive understanding of the beauty field and an artistic sense by improving the field work skills and introducing the high-level technique through the customized education system of regular class, short-term class, skill-up class and expert class.

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    LNY SPMU’s Special Globalized Academy

    At Pitangui Lee Na Young Beauty Center, 
we do not only focus on domestic students or customers.
 We provide special curriculums on SPMU, Skincare, and Eyelash courses, 
which are specialized and focused for international students. Instead of taking massive students in a class, Pitangui Lee Na Young Beauty Center always aim to minimize the size of class as a private and small training program for students‘ comfortability and convenient interaction with directors.

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    Partnership of Trust and Faith

    At Pitangui Lee Na Young Beauty Center, We operate overseas branches in Singapore, China, Australia, etc., through professional systems as well as domestic activities. We will continue to establish a wider partnership with trust and faith.

Account : +82 10 5470 8802
Account : +82 10 5470 8802
Account : +82 10 5470 8802