Global Class


Global Total Medical Beauty Academy.
A professional translation system for students coming from all over the world to receive education.

Duration : 5 days

Timeline : 13:00pm to 18:00pm (korean time)

Global class curriculum
Course Details
Total theory SPMU basic theory, understanding of skin structure, material science, pigmentology, hygiene, care during and after the treatment, questions and answers
Eyebrow Korean microblading natural eyebrow strokes and Ombre shading
Eyeliner Mucous eyeliner upper and under
Lip Ombre lips, Tint lips, Lip color correction / brightening
Hairline Microblading on receding hairline, Scalp micro pigmentation

LEEN Student Benefits

1. Provide Leen Beauty branch opportunities and marketing consulting

2. Observe master and instructor's direct procedure on spot

3. Attend national or international congress and conferences

4. Able to attend national or international competition with certificate  

5. Able to attend overseas workshop

6. Leen Beauty Academy certificate

7. Hands-on demonstration for each areas

Our benefits
& Advantages

Provide Start-up and Marketing consulting

All consulting required for semi-permanent start-ups

Head office support benefits when opening a branch office

Employment Benefits immediately after Graduation (in-house)

Immediate employment if needed after graduating from the course

Participation in Overseas Training & Congress 

Training in many semi-permanent beauty classes and training, which have agreements with Leen Beauty around the world

Participation in Domestic and International Competitions and Certification

Opportunities to participate in international competitions held both national and international to directly participate in global trends to enhance your career

Overseas Business Trips
Diploma Certification

Participate on overseas business trip

Opportunity to experience and enhance the global teaching scene firsthand



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LEEN BEAUTY Co., Ltd  CEO LEE Seung Min 

Business permit 514-81-99831  Sales permit 제2020-서울강남-00502호  Address 7F Suil Building, Dosan-daero 114, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea  

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