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For microblading strokes since every strands need to stand out, and if even single stroke is not created exactly the eyebrow might look uneven or asymmetric. So it should be retouched after a month to correct. And the eyebrow can look uneven due to muscle movement and different bone structure. Normally people who use muscle movement a lot on forehead when opening their eyes, we recommend to get botox before or after the treatment.

The lip herpes will occur 3 days after the lip semi-permanent makeup. For those who had lip herpes (blister) occurring at least once in a lifetime, the herpes will appear about 100%, so it is advised to get acyclovir pill prescribed and take the pill for about 3 days before and after the treatment. 

There are some people who have late skin regeneration cycle. (eg. aged people) If the scabs did not fall off within a week~3 weeks, it is advised to use facial scrub to rub off or apply regeneration cream on top of it to make the scabs fall off or the color to go lighter.

Once the skin is wounded, the scab forms and the skin surface get reddish. This is because the skin is not fully regenerated, and when the scabs fall off it is normal to look reddish on skin surface. It will also return to its normal skin color after the skin is regenerated.

Semi-permanent makeup is not a tattoo. So as the skin gets regenerated there will be exfoliation and the pigment will be faded away. The average maintenance period is normally 2~3 years. However if the semi-permanent makeup area is being touched or contacted a lot, it might fade away quickly. (e.g. sweating exercise, facial scrub or massage, sauna, whitening agents, etc.) Also the skin condition might affect the durability like oily skin.

The eyeliner procedure is done on top of the mucous membrane, so you might feel some tightness, dryness on the eyes for few hours to a day. Applying artificial eye drop or saline will help.

The skin regeneration period is about 28 to 35 days. The skin will undergo exfoliation period after the semi-permanent makeup procedure after 3~5 days. The scab will appear then it starts to fall off. It doesn't fall off at the same time but little by little part by part. So the area which the scabs didn't fall off completely will look darker than the area with no scabs. And once the scabs fall off the pigment doesn't appear right away on the skin surface, but it takes at least a month to show its final color.

After the scabs fall down the pigment put inside the skin doesn't appear right away. Because the skin regeneration cycle is about 28~35 days, so the pigment will appear on the skin surface once the new skin cell gets regenerated within the period. Also, there is a touch up session after a month, so we can have it amended on the touch up session.

Yes, it is possible. However it is advised to do light or minimum makeup on the area of the semi-permanent makeup. It might affect the result when cleansing the area.

Yes. Touch up does not only maintain the result longer, but also delivers the higher level of completion of result (eyebrow shape, design, color, etc.)by retouching the lacking areas due to different skin types, living environment (habit), etc. To have an effective result, touch up should be done within 1 months to 3 months.


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